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Update for Asix 9.1.2

Please be advised that on 2018-02-06 an update to the Asix package in version 9.1.2 has been generated. The patch includes service changes and improvements of the package (i.a. new version of Aspad: 9.1.3 with significant changes)...

New Version of Asix.Evo: 9.1.2

On January 18th, 2018 the new Asix.Evo 9.1.2 package version has been launched on the market. The version includes service changes that improve the operation of the package. A new feature is the SVG image support mechanism, enabling ...

Update for Asix 9.1.1

Please be advised that on 2017-12-19 an update to the Asix package in version 9.1.1 has been generated...

New version of the Asix.Evo package: 9.1.1

Please, be advised that on 30 November 2017 we launched a new version of the Asix.Evo package: 9.1.1. The version contains new functions and corrections as well as improved functionalities which were introduced previously to ver. 9.1.0 distributed via ...

ENERGETAB 2017 - recap

This year was the first time we participated in Energetab 2017. We had some concerns about the event, but feedback from its frequenters has not disappointed us. We were surprised at the high attendance at our stand and the fact that most visitors were...


It is our pleasure to invite you to take a part in the 30th edition of Bielsko-Biala International Power Industry Fair ENERGETAB 2017, which will take place on 12th – 14th September 2017.
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