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 4-day training session in ASKOM facilities enables the basic skills required for designing and starting-up the application to be learnt. Each participant will be assigned to his own computer with the latest Asix version installed for training purposes and will be taught how to construct an application from scratch. We also share our knowledge about various untypical solutions facilitating and shortening the design works; we reveal many hints improving the software maintenance and application development. Some of the information presented during the training session cannot be found in any manual. The participants check their new knowledge and abilities during the creation of their own original application built during the course.
Training Schedule

  • Trainings for the Asix system designer in 2017 are planned in groups of a min of 3 persons in  the following periods: 

January – 17th –20th
February – 14th –17th
March – 21st – 24th 
April – 4th –7th 
May – 9th – 12th 
June – 6th – 9th

September – 12th –15th
October – 10th – 13th
November –  14th –17th
December –  12th –15th 

It is also possible to fix  training in other periods                

Askom also offers the advanced courses in handling of the AsBase module – the interactive environment designated for creation and management of the applications based on MS SQL database and aimed at recipe management, production tracking & tracing and production management.

The terms and conditions of such course can be agreed by phone