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No one needs to be convinced how important it is for a production plant to manage its energy resources in an economical way. Companies no longer consider energy consumed to be a fixed cost beyond their control. It has been understood that the energy required to make a product is one of the crucial price factors which, when minimised, significantly contributes to the company profitability while enhancing its image as an environment friendly enterprise. However, if you plan to optimise the consumption and reduce the energy utility generation costs, it is not enough to measure the amount of energy. You also need to have a proper data acquisition and processing system which will present the data in a clear way, aggregate them and develop indicators helpful when taking organisational decisions or planning upgrades intended to measurably reduce the production costs. Since the expenditures necessary to implement the monitoring system are relatively small when compared to the available savings, it is one of the best investments with one of the fastest returns on investment.

For almost a quarter of century, ASKOM has been implementing computer-aided control, monitoring and production management systems for the energy sector and other industries. Being aware of the customers' growing interests in the monitoring of energy carriers, the company has developed the Asix Energy software based on the original SCADA platform - Asix.Evo, including functions which are dedicated to this type of tasks.


The brochure describes the functionalities of the Asix Energy module:

Asix Energy (8,25 MB)

Presentation of Asix Energy module functionality in a film: