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License for a module that is an extension of a set of tools and programs available in the Asix.Evo system with dedicated functionality for all kinds of mobile devices of a smartphone or tablet type.

Asix Mobile enables creating a fully functional interface for visualization of selected measurements of the inspected facility, as well as control of its operation. Design and use of the graphical interface has been fully adapted for devices with small screens. Much emphasis has been put on the effective use of touch screens.

Thanks to Asix Mobile, the user gains instant access to data regardless of his location. It is possible to track current values of measurements and view their registered history. If necessary, you can influence the state of the process by sending a remote command or set points. There is also possibility to check alarm status including acknowledgment of the alarm reading.

To run Asix Mobile any Operator Server License is needed. Under this License user gets the right to connect one mobile device in the service mode of Asix Mobile. To connect additional devices, you have to purchase the appropriate number of CALs @Asix4MobileCAL. Each device when used leases one access license for 24 hours. If the device is not used for 24 hours, the License is automatically released.

Asix Mobile Client requires the operating system Android or iOS. It is also possible to launch the Client in the web browser running on Windows platform – the browsers supported are: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.


We invite you to see Asix Mobile idea in a short video: