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Asix - Platform for HMI / SCADA / MES Systems

Asix is a software platform for design and implementation of industrial IT systems for processes, production lines, machines and devices offering rich functionality expected of HMI / SCADA / MES systems.

Primary use of Asix is, of course, the operator station applications for direct process supervision and control (SCADA applications). The expression "primary" is used because it is precisely this place where measurement data is acquired from programmable controllers, counters and other instrumentation devices - process information sources. It is from here that the drives activation and deactivation commands are sent to the controllers, binary and analogue signal logs are saved and the alarm log is registered. In this context, it is natural that HMI applications can also be implemented with Asix running on operator panels, which provide a limited subset of the functionality required by SCADA. 

Asix can be successfully applied in Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). In these applications issues related to on-line production tracking come to the fore as well as determining the overall equipment effectiveness (KPI, OEE), a multi-dimensional analysis of the process data and reporting to enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Asix provides the necessary support in each of these areas. 

Asix is being developed by ASKOM since 1994. In 2012, Asix has been released with a new interface in Evo version - under the name Asix.Evo.

The main features of the Asix platform



     Efficient data archiving

     Redundancy of data collection channels

     Reporting and graphical presentation of data

     Alarm management

     Recipes and event-based data logging

     Visualization on Internet

     Multilingual versions

     Production monitoring and tracking

     Validation, control log and permission management

     Remote messaging

All these features are available in licenses scalable to the object size. 


Main Advantages

     Scalability should be considered in two aspects: the number of variables supported by the application, and functionality of the product. The 'number of variables' criterion allows to select the size of the package, and consequently its price, appropriate for the task to be performed. In a natural way the scale of the task can be determined by the number of process variables entered in the system. Available for the client are licenses ranging from 32 up to unlimited variables. Regardless of the 'number of variables' criterion, licenses can be selected from various functional areas: the operator panels, serving as HMI, operator stations for developing stand-alone applications, to servers allowing for the development of network applications with redundant communication channels and the ability to connect terminals, including the Web browser based.

     Wide range of features available as a standard at no extra charge. Our policy on this matter is clear: to minimise the number of modules paid extra and offer as much functionality as possible at a base price. This ensures that all communication drivers are always available. You only have to pay extra for special or rarely used functions.

     Help and support are also the product strengths. Consultants available in-house will help designers solve problems with application development and assist users in solving the issues related to the operation and maintenance of the visualization system.

     Attractive price for all rich functionality.

Rich Reference List
Asix is an excellent platform for creating standard supervision and control applications in all industry branches as well as monitoring systems for energy media, switchboards and machines. Over 12.000 used licenses in many demanding areas confirm it, among others:

  • power generation and heating,
  • food industry (dairy, meat and sugar industry),
  • chemical and mechanical industry, 
  • coking plants,
  • public utilities,
  • smart buildings,
  • telemetry systems,
  • automotive industry,
  • steel industry.

To Sum Up
The choice of Asix platform is the right investment decision justified by advanced technical solutions and unparalleled product value. This was also acknowledged by Frost & Sullivan consulting company, which granted the "Price Performance Value Leadership Award" to Asix in the category Polish SCADA, taking into account the criteria for price competitiveness, functionality, ease of use, service assistance and degree of meeting customer needs. 


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