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Measurement Charts

Data stored by Aspad module is used for presentation of measurement charts directly on P&I Diagrams.


„Data Chart” Object 

The "Data Chart" object allows you to place presentation graphics, used to show various types of data organized into files (tables, database tables), on the application diagrams. These data do not have to be time-dependent (as opposed to standard „Chart” object). The object is useful, among others, for creating professional OEE charts, energy consumption, machine operation times (Gantt chart) etc.



„Power Guard” Charts 

A special type of graph is a chart integrated with the Power Guard module, that shows operation of the meters of the selected energy media consumption (eg. electricity, gas, heat, compressed air, water, sewage). It allows to monitor the current consumption of selected media and, based on the forecast, to alert in advance the threat of exceeding the ordered power.