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AsTrend application is an in-depth archived data analysis tool. It allows displaying, browsing and printing of time based graphs of selected set of variables and is also used for generating site operation “graphical reports”. AsTrend can be operated as an integral part of the visualisation system or as a standalone application, also through a web interface, with access to data archive on the local station or remotely via network.

AsTrend Main Features 

      Innovative graph viewing method 
      Wide range of presented data types 
      Plotting graphs for many dependent variables in X-Y arrangement 
      Arbitrary arrangement of graphs from different periods (it is also possible to compare time based curve of the same variable in two different time periods) 
      Multiple graph panels 
      Possibility to describe the Y axis with text values of states (eg sterilization, pasteurization, product ejection, emergency ejection, washing) 
      Intuitive trends wizard 
      Real-time zoom in/out function for a selected graph section 
      Presentation of all data in a tabular form
      Exporting the data to PDF, BMP, TXT or an MS Excel spread sheet 
      Importing data from external sources
      User-friendly ad-hoc generation of table reports for various time periods and selected variable aggregates