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Description of Changes/News

11.0.1 28-10-2021 Service and functional changes. 
11.0.0 12-04-2021 more
10.1.4 20-10-2020

Service and functional changes

10.1.3 29-07-2020

Service and functional changes

10.1.2 11-03-2020 Service and functional changes. more
10.1.1 28-11-2019 Service and functional changes.
10.1.0 07-10-2019 more
10.0.1 01-07-2019 Service and functional changes.
10.0.0 04-03-2019

Improvements in the functionality of version 10 include a series of changes accelerating the design process and subsequent work and application service. more

9.1.6 13-11-2018

Service and functional changes.

9.1.4 14-05-2018 Service and functional changes.
9.1.3 26-02-2018

Service and functional changes.

9.1.2 18-01-2018 Service and functional changes. more 
9.1.1 30-11-2017

Service and functional changes. more 

9.0.5 24-05-2017

It contains some very important new features. more 

9.0.3 16-02-2017

Version is free from error of automatic changes of parameters of communication channels and archives. more 

9.0.1 07-02-2017

Service and functional changes...more

9.0.0 23-12-2016

New: possibility to design GIS map diagrams, mechanism of centralized control of working state for stations, possibility to control the length and complexity of password and the frequency of its changes, new communication driver – S7Opt for Siemens PLCs: S7-1500 and S7-1200 ... more

8.1.8 02-12-2016

Service and functional changes.

8.1.7 21-09-2016

Service and functional changes.

8.1.6 30-06-2016

Service and functional changes.

8.1.5 16-05-2016

Service and functional changes... more

8.1.4 01-02-2016

Service and functional changes. more

8.1 26-10-2015 This version is an extension of the Asix functionality for all kinds of mobile devices -  smartphone or tablet type: completely new module Asix Mobile, dedicated for monitoring and control of production process using mobile devices more
8.0.5 2015-05-28

Service and functional changes. more 

8.0.4 2015-03-16

Service and functional changes.

8.0.3 2015-02-09

Service and functional changes.

8.0.2 2015-01-13

Service and functional changes.

8.0.1 2014-10-08

Service and functional changes.

8.0.0 2014-08-01

News: script report system, timetable module, new functions in AsTrend, extended suport for cooperation of Evo technology applications and AsBase module, improvements in design of Evo technology applications, Portal/Server WWW license extension for one client is available in 2 versions: full (@Asix4Internet+1Cal) and lite (@Asix4InternetLite+1Cal)...

7.1.0 2013-03-05

Compared to the version 7.0.4 - some of the novelties: changes in objects, new functions and operator actions; protected files - giving and checking file permissions of the application roles; security system - logging operator actions, application file integrity control; alarm system - diagnostic of alarm domains, strategy of OPC alarms, service of alarms notified by the Asmen communication drivers; AsTrend - 3D charts; AsPortal available on mobile devices; Aspad (data archiving module) - longer process variable name string service, the possibility of using UNICODE characters in variable names, logs in UTF8 format, improvements to accelerate the calculation of aggregates; AspadTools (tool to process and maintain files of Y, M, D and H type archives) - new interface...

7.0.4 08-11-2012 Compared to the version 6 - it is the new, completely redesigned visualization system with: new Web application technology, modernized alarm system, Unicode support ... More: Asix.Evo7 (10 MB). It differs from the version 7.0.3 in some service changes (error elimination) that  improve Asix functionality.
7.0.3 19-09-2012 Compared to the version 6 - it is the new, completely redesigned visualization system with: new Web application technology, modernized alarm system, Unicode support ... More: Asix.Evo7 (62 MB)
6.0.6 28-06-2011 AsAlarm - interactive analysis of alarm events, AsRaport - reporting based on MS Reporting Services, alarm even logging in MS SQL database, new look of AsPortal, application templates ... more
5.01.011 27-08-2008 New version 5.1 of AsTrend; new NetlinkPro driver for communication with the S7 controllers; new drivers for communication with digital protection devices; changes in application configuration field ... more



New asix5 package – new components – ArchitectAsAudit, advanced functionality, simplicity and comfort of handling…
See more in:
v. 5.00.000 (524 KB)



asix4 package – version 4.04.001 SP1 – package containing new drivers and modifications and corrections – this bundle terminates the line of asix4 versions... more



Multiple options and tools simplifying the application designing stage, new possibilities in the scope of application security management, a mechanism allowing information about industrial processes to be presented in the form of reports available in the Web browser, the ability to browse the SQL database of the AsBase module on the asix application masks, new items in the communication drivers list. Furthermore: changed rules of the asix bundle licensing; communication drivers for devices such as: TALAS, MEVAS, DURAG, MACMAT, MUZ included into the bundle price; asix software can operate in one of three languages: Polish, English or Russian ....

More in:  v. 4.02.001    (382 KB)



Package no longer available for sales... more



New functional modules: Asix4Internet, AsBase, AsAlert, ability to create multilingual applications with the option to change the operator language during functioning; new communication drivers for controllers: BECKHOFF, GE FANUC, LG and for meters and regulators: IEC 61107, MUPASZ, PMC-4000, PROTHERM. Furthermore – enhanced functionality of dynamic objects... more