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asix4 continues the best features of asix3 already appreciated by its Users while integration of development environment in Run-Time packages remains its unique and invariable attribute. Continuing the best features of previous versions like efficiency, stability, on-line parameterization of application based on tag database, built-in hot-redundancy mode and integrated environment for application development, asix4 offers wide range of significant new functionality:

 Asix4Internet - a strong support for Internet applications:

AsPortal - Portal of Process Information, ready for immediate use when connected to asix application. AsPortal displays application process database, current process values, current and historical alarms as well as data trends either in tables or grahic charts, presented in Internet browser window;

As2HTML - library of scripts and CSS style sheets which supports design of process visualization for Internet browser window;

As2WWW - set of tools for automatic conversion of asix application into IE 6 browser visualization.

  AsAlert - server used to send out notifications of events / alarms, making telemetry applications easy together with AsComm module.

  AsBase - an interactive environment of SQL database design and operation - invaluable for design of the applications oriented on production flow tracking and definition / selection of receipes.

  Multilinguality- a capability of dynamic switching of SCADA operator language from a set of five national languages.

  New communication drivers:

BECKHOFF PLCs - CtTwinCAT driver
The CtTwinCAT driver is designed to exchange data between the asix system and the TwinCAT system of Beckhoff Industrie Elektronik. The communication between systems is realized through Ethernet with the use of ADS interface.

Serial communication via SNPX protocol with Series 90 and VersaMax PLCs.

LG PLCs - LG proprietary protocol 
Serial communication via dedicated protocol with Master-K and Glofa GM PLCs. 

Meters and regulators:

IEC 61107 - CtZxD400 driver is used for data exchange between asix and electric energy counters of ZxD400 type, manufactured by Landys & Gyr, via RS-485 interface.

MUPASZ - Serial bus protocol for universal microprocessor MUPASZ PLC for power industry protection devices - Institute of Telecommunication and Radio Engineering in Warsaw.

PMC-4000 - CtPmc4000 driver. Communication protocol for data exchange between asix and POLON 4800 fire alarm control panel; data are transferred via serial interface RS-232.

PROTHERM - CtProtherm driver. Serial bus protocol for Protherm 300 DIFF controller by Process-Electronic GmbH. (RS-422 interface). 

   Increased functionality of dynamic objects:

  • 64-state dynamic objects;
  • CHART object parameterization from variable definition database;
  • blinking parameter for PICTURES object;
  • Slider View Variable option;
  • variables signaling alarm appearance in a given group;
  • user-friendly Coder for coding object states.

Detailed information on asix4 you can find in:

 asix4 - folder (6,69 MB)