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The 4.04.001-SP1 version is the last package of version. 

The package includes the following new drivers:

  • CtMus04 - used to exchange data between asix system and microprocessor-based control devices MUS-04 manufactured by ELEKTROMETAL S.A. from Cieszyn;
  • MicroSmart -  used for exchanging data with MicroSmart controllers of IDEC;
  • S7_TCPIP -  used for data exchange with SIMATIC S7 PLC’s through Ethernet connection with use of standard computer network card; the product does not require the installation of SIEMENS SIMATIC NET software on asix system PC as well as the adaptation of PLC software for data exchange purposes.

Many corrections and modifications for more efficient application design as well as stable application operation have also been enclosed in the 4.04.001-SP1 version.