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Version Update and Upgrade

The versions of Asix.Evo are numbered by x.y.z, where: x is a major number of the version, digit y is a minor number of the version and z is a number of package release. When only the digits y.z are different when version changes, it’s called an update/Upd - ASKOM ensures free update of system version. If the major number x changes for new version, it is called an version upgrade/VUPG and it follows against payment according to the current price list.

If you raise the version number for client Licenses Asix4wwwCAL from the lower version than 8, available in the past in packs of 5 Licences, the client License Lite is offered - but Purchaser may change once both client type and number of client Licenses.

The right to obtain a VUPG license (version upgrade) is conditioned by referring to the number of the granted and registered BASE license to use of the software.

The Latest Version ONLY:

ASKOM offers and sells the most recent version of the Asix.Evo package. The License allows the user to install and use previous versions of Asix/Asix.Evo if it is dictated by the technical requirements of an existing application. ASKOM has no obligation to provide media, documentation or separate key for previous Asix versions, as well as to provide technical support for them