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  • 2022-06-16

Important Information on Running Asix WWW Applications after Microsoft will Stop Support Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft is ending support for IE. It can be expected that with subsequent Windows systems, IE will stop operating, along with the Asix.Evo WWW applications. Therefore, we advice you how to get around the problem.

This does not mean that we cannot protect ourselves from it. Therefore, we advice you how to omit the problem in the current Asix platform versions.
At the same time, we announce a new version in which we will apply new solutions, enabling the publication of the Asix.Evo application on any browser that supports the HTML5 standard, i.e. virtually on any modern web browser.

Microsoft stops supporting Internet Explorer

Microsoft announced that it will no longer support Internet Explorer on June 15, 2022. However, the effects of this decision do not apply to all operating systems identically. In Windows 11, the use of IE has been blocked for some time, and any attempts to start IE resulted in the Edge browser start. On other systems, IE was only "hidden", meaning there were no direct references to IE in the system menus. However, you could run IE from your own shortcuts or Windows Explorer.
After June 15, Windows 10 operating systems in subsequent semi-annual mode updates will start to work similarly to Windows 11 (i.e. run Edge instead of IE). According to the current information, in Windows 10 LTSC mode, the IE browser will not be blocked. There is also no information that the lock will took place on currently available server systems.

However, neither the withdrawal of support nor the Internet Explorer blocking does not mean that IE will be automatically removed from Windows. IE will be used by Edge when running in Internet Explorer mode (IE Mode). Manually removing IE is possible but not recommended - it will result in inability to start IE Mode.

IE Mode provides the ability to run pages/sites that require the use of the IE browser to operate. Microsoft guarantees support for IE Mode till 2029.

Solutions for the version 11 of Asix Platform

In the current version of the Asix Platform, it is possible to configure the browser operation in two modes. It is recommended and default to use the application in XBAP mode. However, this technology requires an IE environment. Therefore, if the IE browser is blocked in the system, it will be necessary to configure the Edge browser in such a way that it runs the Asix Platform application in IE Mode. In a separate article we provide a tip on how to configure IE Mode. We recommend you temporarily suspend Windows updates until you complete the steps described in the above article.

An alternative to the standard operation of the Asix Platform WWW application in XBAP mode is running the application in VirtualUI mode. Any browser can be used there. As the CYBELE technology is used, an additional VirtualUI license must be purchased (apart from the WWW licenses of Asix Platform). VirtualUI mode also requires the use of much more resources on the server computer side.

More information comparing the two ways of operating in browser applications can be found here:

Solutions in the next version of Asix Platform

In the new version of Asix Platform, which is planned to be launched on market on September 1, 2022, a new mode of operation of WWW applications, compatible with HTML5, will be available. This mode will operate on current versions of HTML5 compatible browsers (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari), without the need to use additional software.
HTML5 mode will not require significant changes in the configuration of existing applications.

In the first release, we will provide the AsTrend HTML5 module.

The main HTML5 visualization module will be put into use at the turn of 2022/2023.

For compatibility reasons, the other modes of operating in a browser will still be available.