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  • 2018-02-07

Update for Asix 9.1.2

Please be advised that on 2018-02-06 an update to the Asix package in version 9.1.2 has been generated. The patch includes service changes and improvements to improve the operation of the package.

Among improvements implemented to Asix Evo there is a modification of the active alarm table, which currently allows displaying alarms from many alarm domains simultaneously.

The update also includes a new version of Aspad: 9.1.3, which contains significant changes:
1. Elimination of errors in counting aggregates from archived aggregates with a shorter interval. It may apply to archived hourly aggregates, which are counted from minute aggregates. It is recommended to delete aggregates that have already been calculated from the disk in order to recalculate them.
2. Back to returning GOOD statuses of aggregates, even when the interval refers to the end of the archive. Returning uncertain statuses (before 2018-02-06) caused that queries from Asix.Evo about moving aggregates almost never returned GOOD status.
In the case of access to data through the AsixConnect database, for compatibility with the previous mode, it is possible to restore the previous way of returning statuses. To do this, set a new option, which is located in the AsRaport reporting system configurator on the "AsixConnect database"> "Options" tab and is named "Treatment of aggregate samples from periods extending beyond the end of the archive".

The update can be downloaded from the ASKOM FTP server (
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