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  • 2019-10-10

New Version of the Asix.Evo Package: 10.1.0

Please, be advised that on 07 October 2019 we launched a new version of the Asix.Evo package: 10.1.0. The update includes servicing modifications and patches to enhance the operation of the system.
The enhancements/developments introduced to Asix Evo include the following:

  • A new driver to support the WPT weighbridge by RADWAG (the driver supports the following commands of the communication protocol of the device: provide the instantaneous result in the basic unit, provide the stable result in the basic unit, tare the weighbridge).
  • Extended functionalities of the Modbus_tcpip driver: access is provided to 64-bit variables in the SLAVE mode.
  • Improvement of the BASE driver: a BDType option is added enabling one to change the data base supported; the option accepts the following values: MySql, MSSql, PostgreSQL.
  • Extended functionalities of the S7_TCPIP driver: a Substitute connection option is added allowing for the reading of data from 2 alternative data sources. In addition, a new symbolic address is introduced to the variable declaration for reading the ID of the currently used connection and for switching between the basic and substitute connections.
  • Improvements enhancing the user's experience when operating the AsTrend module, including: A Search command field to enter the name of a command (available in the AsTrend module) to find.
  • Improvements facilitating the application parametrisation using the Architect module. Some parametrisation tasks (such as: creating communication channels, parametrising archives) are now carried out via the AsixEvo.exe module, using the simplified Architect interfaces invoked in the AsixEvo.exe windows, without the need to launch the Architect module.
  • Introduction of a login request option prior to the application start in the Runtime mode. This option is particularly important for web-enabled applications where the login request is forced prior to the application start in order to prevent the user from occupying the licence pointlessly.
  • A number of enhancements to the AsixEvo.exe module, including:
    • An edit command Template original size is added to the Container of templates object; the command adapts the container size to the original size of the template in the first cell.
    • The Chart object - a Visible property is added to template series, limits and trend patterns to control dynamically the visibility of these items.
    • Data chart object:
      • A Visible property is added to series and limits to control dynamically the visibility of these items.
      • A possibility is added to retrieve data directly from the SQL base.
      • A possibility is added to reverse the direction of each axis.
  • 2 new versions of the AstrendDisplay(..) action are added to specify the window size for the AsTrend module and expand it to the full screen.
  • Synchronisation with the master catalogue:
    • The catalogue edit box is now active all the time, whether the synchronisation is enabled at start or periodically.
    • An option is added to align the periodic synchronisation to the start of the day, with the possibility to specify the phase.
  • A MaximizeWindow(..) operator's action is added to expand the main window to the full current screen.
  • A new SqlConnection(id) function is added to return the parameters of the SQL connection (ConnectionString) with a preset name, as defined for the station or area. The function is used e.g. in the Data table.
  • A mechanism is added to detect the loss of refreshing of variables at the declared refresh time.
  • Improved collaboration between the Asix package modules and high-resolution monitors (4K).