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  • 2021-04-28

The new 11th version of the Asix platform

As part of the continuous development (for 28 years!) of the Asix SCADA platform, on April 12, 2021 its newest version is made available: Asix.Evo 11. It introduces changes that increase the ergonomics and safety of working with the software. This is due to the greater integration of functionality in one design environment of the main Asix.Evo module and the guarantee of the latest corrections and changes regarding application security. New communication possibilities are opened by the IEC60870 driver based on the IEC 60870-5 protocol, used in the power industry.

  • Selected functions available so far in separate programs now have been integrated in one design environment of the main Asix.Evo module. These changes relate to the AsAlert program for remote notification of events and, within the specified range, to the AsBase program for handling recipes and events:
    •  AsAlert functionality has been fully integrated with the main Asix.Evo module (although for compatibility with older versions of Asix, the independent AsAlert program is still available). The integrated version of Alerter is used to send notifications via e-mail or SMS. Notifications can be sent automatically by the alarm system, if the recipients of the alerts are defined for specific Asix.Evo alarms. It is also possible to send alerts using Asix.Evo scripts. The recipients of the integrated Alerter notifications can be directly users defined in the security system and user groups defined by the roles of the security system. It is also possible to send notifications via Alerter schedules. Schedules allow you to distribute notifications to different users or groups, depending on the date or time of day. Importantly, the full configuration of the integrated version of Alerter takes place entirely in the design environment of Asix.Evo.
    • From the version Asix.Evo 11 it is possible to implement the functionality of the AsBase module without running an independent AsBase program, because the main Asix.Evo module is able to independently fulfill the registration conditions. In such a situation, AsBase only acts as a tool for changing AsBase settings and saving them to the configuration file used by Asix.Evo, and can also be used for independent viewing of archiving sets and recipes and for manual data editing.
  • The extension of security in the Asix.Evo authorization system includes:
    • Implementation of a mechanism for reporting selected notifications concerning security system events to an external Syslog server. These can be:
      a. Login / logout events of users at workstations.
      b. Events related to the change and saving of the security system configuration.
    • Defining individual control of read and write permissions for variables . The 2 variants are possible:
      a. Roles having write / read rights to a variable are defined in the variable definition database for selected variables.
      b. Roles with read / write rights to the variable are defined in the security system for selected variables.
    • Enabling individual read / write protection to be given to individual AsBase data sources by means of appropriate roles.
  • Asix is prepared for SCADA applications based on it to meet the conditions of one of the most important cybersecurity standards: IEC 62443-3-3 level 2.
  • The new IEC60870 driver implements the communication protocol which is a standard in the power industry. Thanks to this, it enables the implementation of automation and control systems for power substations based on the standards: IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-103 and IEC 60870-5-104.
  • Changes towards the successive implementation of HTML5 technology into the Asix.Evo platform environment included a new HTML5 Browser object . It is an universal object used to display on the synoptic diagram of the application the content of the indicated web page or any documents and files supported by the Edge (Chromium) browser, eg PDF, movies. One of the uses of this object can be displaying images from web or industrial cameras, if the source of such an image is made available in the form of a website or HTML page.

In addition, all Asix.Evo 11 users can expect new features to be provided as free updates in the coming months:

  •  The next step towards HTML5 technology: a new release, planned for mid-2021, of AsTrend, a software for graphical analysis and presentation of data. AsTrend HTML5 will increase the possibilities of mobile access to important data and process information from the user-known environment of any HTML5-capable web browser, including a smartphone or tablet, while the application designer will be able to stay with the known and proven Asix.Evo application design environment.
  • Further changes towards cybersecurity: in the second quarter of 2021, the possibility of multi-factor authorization will be introduced in the authorization system, increasing the level of security in the field of access control.

Asix.Evo 11 is also the continuous development of Asix as a platform for dedicated solutions related to, inter alia:

  • energy management (specialized Asix Energy software package),
  • managing the effectiveness of machines and production lines (specialized Asix OEE software package).

New features introduced in version 11 automatically become part of the above dedicated packages.


At the same time, we would like to inform you that new licenses for Asix.Evo 10 acquired after March 1, 2021, entitle you to a free upgrade to version 11 by June 30, 2021. In the case of upgrades of the versions purchased within the specified period, please contact for information on the preferential conditions for upgrading these licenses to version 11.


We invite you to test Asix.Evo version 11 by installing its 90-day free version: download >> .