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BALTTECHNIKA 2016 International Trade Fair

We invite you to BALTTECHNIKA 2016 International Trade Fair, which will take place on 18th – 20th May in Vilnius, Lithuania. BALTTECHNIKA is the only one and the most important engineering industry event in Lithuania. ASKOM will be present ...

Automaticon 2016 - Time for Resume

Next edition of the International Automation and Measurements Trade Fair Automaticon 2016 is over – it’s time for resume. We thank all of you who visited our stand in the number of more than 100 delegations from different companies...

New Version: Asix.Evo 8.1.4

On 2016-02-01 ASKOM has issued the new 8.1.4 version of the Asix.Evo. It includes a few service and functional changes optimizing the package operating.

Welcome to Automaticon 2016, the Automation and Measurements Trade Fair

Spring is coming, and with it, as every year: AUTOMATICON ® International Trade Fair. This year it will take place on 1th – 4th March at Expo XXI in Warsaw...

Commercial Information Update

We inform you about the update of Commercial Information brochure. From January 1st, 2016 the cost of 4-day training of Asix will amount to € 370,- / USD 490,-.

Regional Seminars - Electrical Installations and Building Automation Systems

We invite you to participate in one-day Regional Seminars: "Electrical Installations and Building Automation", held on December 17th, 2015 in Wroclaw at Congress Center (Rolls Royce A Hall)...
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