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Recipe Automation - Recipe for Success

Automated ketchup production line in one of the Polish factories is an example of successful implementation of the recipe formulation system, based on the use of programmable controllers and the Asix system...

ASIX - a shared visualization platform for HMI operator panels and SCADA supervisory systems

The Dubno Dairy in Ukraine project was managed by OBRAM, that general supplier of the plant. ASKOM designed visualizations based on the Asix platform as a single common application shared by both the HMI operator panels and the SCADA system...

Supervisory Systems of Dough Production Lines and Line Cleaning Process

In 2003 ASKOM implemented in Kraft Foods Polska - Cieszyn system of supervisory control of wafer line production including also cleaning station. The control system is composed of SIMATIC S-400 PLC configured in multiprocessor architecture...

Supervisory System of Cheese Dairy in MLEKOVITA

ASKOM in collaboration with OBRAM - Olsztyn has realized a visualization and supervisory system in MLEKOVITA Dairy Plant at Wysokie Mazowieckie. The sytem encompasses pasteurisation systems for milk, whey and...