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Water Power Plants

Systems for water power plants made by ASKOM are example of complex approach to automatic control of power plants, including controllers of hydro modules, switching stations for high, medium and low voltage, dehydration circuits...

Environment Protection Systems

ASKOM has developed and implemented in many plants a system for pollution emission visualization and reporting, based on a common concept for such applications...

Switching Station Control and Monitoring Systems

Switching station control and monitoring systems offered by ASKOM since 1998 use possibilities of programmable logic controllers (PLC) and special security controllers, monitored from the level of operator stations, equipped with asix SCADA system...

Transport Control Systems

ASKOM solutions of control systems for transport installations, developed and proven in many applications, take into consideration the specific aspects of transport lines control...

Control Systems for Low-emission Coal Boilers

In 1994-2000 ASKOM company participated in modernization of over 20 power industry boilers, while biggest part of this undertaking has been combined with emission reduction of nitrogen oxide to the level required by norms...